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    On your mobile? Click here for free downloads.

    Download free mobile phone games & apps to your cell phone. MobileRated is your free and legal provider of mobile games, puzzles, trivia, productivity apps and other phone applications. Getting free mobile games & apps has never been easier.

    Get Free Mobile Phone Software in 3 Steps

    1. Select your mobile cellular phone, handheld, or PDA.
    2. Browse or search by game or app name & category.
    3. Download our free mobile phone software.

    Remember: most applications and games have versions that work with specific phones. If you're browsing with your phone, click here, otherwise select your phone.

    Most Popular Software

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    mobile app

    Border War - Line Of Control

    mobile app

    Opera Mini

    mobile app

    Outlaw Racing

    mobile app

    Tic Tac Toe

    mobile app

    E-5 Underground 3D

    mobile app

    Sexy Cricket

    mobile app

    Battleships Game

    mobile app

    Captain Fatal 3D

    mobile app

    Free Crazy 8s Card Game

    mobile app

    Soldier 1945

    mobile app

    Racing car pairs game

    mobile app

    qeep - Friends.Fun.Free.

    Other Languages

    Spanish: Juegos móviles gratuitos

    German: Kostenlose Handyspiele

    French: Jeux gratuits pour portable

    Italian: Giochi gratis per cellulari

    Portuguese:Jogos Grátis para Celular

    Russian: Бесплатные игры для мобильного

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